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This Desk Organizer is small enough to fit your workspace but just enough to fit in lots of stuff that usually makes your desk look messy. It can fit CDs, small notebooks, index cards, and many more.


  • cardboard (about 3-4mm thick)
  • heavy duty craft knife/cutter
  • cutting mat
  • specialty paper (your design of choice)
  • glue (elmer’s glue)
  • glue brush (to evenly spread the glue)
  • steel ruler

1. Cut cardboard pieces with the following measurements:

BASE – 22cmX15.3

BACK PANEL – 22cmX15cm

SIDE PANELS (cut 2 pcs) – 14.5cmX15cm

FRONT PANEL – 22cmX7.5cm

DIVIDER – 7.5cmX14.5

There should be 6 pieces:

2. Now, start assembling the box by gluing it together:

Start with the Base and the back panel:

Next, glue the side panels to the base and back panel:

Let it dry for an hour before putting the next piece.

Put the divider before gluing the front panel. I forgot to take a picture of the assembly of the front panel. But that’s easy to figure out.

3. Now, cover the box with your specialty paper. Make sure to spread the glue thinly and evenly to avoid bubbles.

You can add other embellishments such as lace, buttons, beads to be more creative.

Here is the final… I rubberstamped the name of my sister (since I made this organizer for her)



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